Inner City of Fukushima: 10-19 November, 2011

Koji Nagahata

At the Nagahata Labo @ Fukushima University
Candidate 1 Candidate 2
11 November, 2011 17 November, 2011 19 November, 2011
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The prefectural assemble election was took place on 20 November and the election campaign had been done from 10 to 19 November.
The number of candidates was much less as compared with the election campaign for the city assembly election. However, I heard too much call of the candidates names during this election campaign period.
In all recordings, only names of candidates are edited. Both candidates only shouted the name of candidates and some greetings, such as "thank you very much for your support!" At least in the voices which I heard at my labo during this campaign period, no candidates mentioned his/her policy or philosophy.
Those sounds were recorded at my labo lacated farthest in our university from the road where campaing cars have often passed by. In spite of the location, I could easily hear what they said in my labo.
I think the differnce of ways of calling candidate's name is symbolic of the "greatness" of candidates of each assembly: Noise equals Power (see R. M. Schafer). --The power of the members of the prefectural assembly is much higher than that of the members of the city, and therefore, some candidates of the prefectural assambly seemed to misunderstand that they were great and had power: they seemed not to think about ways of lives of citizens. -- I cannot imagine this type of candidates can protect citizen's welfare and dignity.

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