Inner City of Fukushima: 29 July, 2011

Koji Nagahata

Candidate 1: On the Route 4
mp3     WAV
Candidate 2: In front of the Fukushima Station
mp3     WAV

The city assembly election was took place on 31 July and the election campaign had been done from 24 July to 30 July. According to a newspaper, some candidates used their election campaign cars shorter time than usual. In fact, I only saw a few election campaing cars in this election campaign period.
In both recordings, names of candidates are replaced to 1 kHz pure tones. Also, a name of candidate 1's party is replaced to a white noise. Both candidates said their name nearly every 5 seconds.
Candidate 1 appealed for stopping nuclear power plant. This voice of this apeal is one of the symbolic sound of this election campaign.
The background music in the recording of the candidate 2 was played by my car audio. You may imagine the sound level of the voice of the election campaign through comparing the sound levels of the music and sound of blinkers of my car.

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