logo: COVID-19 soundscape

January 2, 2022: Nakake-Cho(In front of Pachinko Salon)
At around 10:15 on the day of the Sendai new year sale, it was surprising for me that not so many people, although more than year 2021, passed through Nakake street. Especially, only a few people went in and out Pachinko Salons around the recording point.

January 2, 2022: Nakake-Cho (In front of Mihara-Do)
This soundscape was recorded at in front of the Mihara-Do in the second block of the central street from the station. There were so many people, clearly more than year 2021, around there. Loud touting voices from the stores short distances from the recording point could be heard around the recording point.

January 2, 2022: CLIS road (in front of AEON shopping center)
This soundscape was recorded in front of AEON. Like year 2021, promotion music broadcasted in front of the CD shop next to the recording point was so loud and masked the sounds around there.

January 2, 2022: In front of Fujisaki Department store
At about twenty minutes after the Sendai new year sale at Fujisaki Department store started, the number of people passing around Fujisaki was clearly more than year 2021. During 10 minutes of the preparation and recording of this soundscape, the ratio of people carrying the shopping bags for new year sale increased gradually.