Watari Junior High School: 10 June, 2011

Koji Nagahata

Watari Junior High School
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At last, decontamination of the ground began at the Watari junior high school. The workflow of the decontamination goes as follows: (1) contaminated topsoil is removed, (2) the contaminated soil is buryed into a huge hole, (3) the hole is covered with non-contaminated soil.
The sound was recorded at the same point and almost same time as the last recording. At that time, the decontamination work of the day was finished.
The decontamination work was started from another side of the ground, so the area near the recording point was left untouched, at that day. Therefore, the area was stil a sanctuary for the bird similar to the last time.
In the gymnasium of the school, (maybe) a basketball club practiced.

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