In front of Watari Branch of Fukushima City Office: 20 November, 2011

Koji Nagahata

In front of Watari Branch of Fukushima City Office
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Fukushima Ekiden (relay road race) was held as usual, though the course of the race includes highly radioactive contaminated area. Watari area is one of the highly contaminated area in the course. Runners passed through in front of the Watari branch of Fukushima city office where decontamination work has been doing. The Watari branch is located 1 km before the goal.
A few faster teams ran quite fast. The top team finished the race before a large following group came to in front of the Watari branch. The sounds of firecrackers informed the top team just finished the race.
Runners from the evacuation area of Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plants were cheered specially. This is a feature of the soundscape of this year's race.
It was impressive that a policeman who directed traffic wore a high efficiency mask.
The sound in this page was cut the period when no runner was running and only vehicles passed through.

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