Shinhama Park: 22 June, 2015

Koji Nagahata

Shinhama Park
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The groups of "Eco Expedition" (the environmental education programs for senior children at elementary school hosted by the division of the environment of Fukushima city since 2001. I'm one of the main instructors.) visited the Shinhama park as a part of the program of the day. It was first time for the "Eco expedition" to use this park after the severe accidents of the nuclear power plants, but before the accidents, I liked to use this park for the workshop for the "Eco Expeidtion".
The weathre was not fine, but there were so many children at there: children and their fathers playing with play equipments, boys playing soccer, and groups of "Eco Expedition" searching an answer for their work. In addition, many participants of the event of a network game visited this park, too.
The monitoring post shows that the radiation level of the day was 0.155 μSv/h.

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