Machi-naka Square: 11 March, 2017

Koji Nagahata

Machi-naka Square
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I was at the Machi-naka square at 14:46, just after the 6 years from the quake.
At that time, an event hosted by Fukushima prefecture was being prepared.
About 5 minutes before 14:46, the live broadcasting of the National memorial ceremony were broadcasted by the PA system. When the broadcast started, all staff stopped their work to pray silently.
At the same time at outside the square. beer were delivered to a Japanese-style bar using a carriage. The sound of the carriage were recorded in this recording.
Several people around the square joined the silent prayer with the live broadcasting. This year, no talk of an announcer were broadcast and only quiet music were broadcast at the time for silent prayer. I think this is good manners for the live broadcasting of the ceremony.

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