In front of Machi-naka Square: 4 August, 2012

Koji Nagahata

In front of Machi-naka Square
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On this day, the street in front of the Machi-naka Square was close to vehicular traffic. A Dancing parade on the Waraji festibal, called "Dancing soda night" was held at this street. (I don't know the meaning of "soda" at all.)
Many dance teams paraded at the street. In the left picture, the team of Fukushima City Hall was dancing.
On the stage set in front of the Machi-naka Square (center picture), female announcers seemrd to introduce the dancing team parading currently nearest the stage. The large monitor at the back of the stage also showed the team.
The sound was too loud and the sound quality was also too bad, I escaped from the square immediate after recording this sound.
There were many people, but I felt maybe less than a few years ago.

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