Kotori no Mori (Forest for Birds): 4 January, 2018

Koji Nagahata

The entrance of the Kotori no Mori
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Tit Alley (A walking course where tits frequently sing)
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Birds were singing in the forest covered by snow.
Trees made creaking sounds at the Tit Alley (A walking course where tits frequently sing).
According to the rangers of this forest, they fed sunflower kernels at the feeding spot in front of the nature center, therefore, birds who like the kernels gathered around the nature center. Other kinds of birds ate red berries in the forest.
I met three persons at the forest except the rangers.
The monitoring post showed that the radiation level at the parking area was 0.122μSv/h.
A signboard which shows that this spot is a hot spot was still standing.

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