Kotori no Mori (Forest for Birds): 2 May, 2015

Koji Nagahata

The entrance of the Kotori no Mori
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Tit Alley (A walking course where tits frequently sing)
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The season of fresh green was coming to this forest.
According to a ranger of this forest, decontamination work at the forest began last autumn. The target areas of the decontamination work are areas where many visitor access, such as area around the nature center and forest around the entrance. To preserve the ecosystem of this forest, they want to remove soil as small portion as possible, therefore, decontamination works of other areas were not planed: they will wait natural damping of the radiation dose.
According to the ranger, no remarkable change of the ecosystem of the forest was observed. Only major change of the forest that she found is that she can hear few children voices at the forest. Especially, elemental school children have rarely visited to the forest since the accidents occurred.
When I recorded the sound at the forest, I could hear the noises from the baseball stadium located about 1 km away from the forest.

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