Kotori no Mori (Forest for Birds): 3 August, 2013

Koji Nagahata

The entrance of the Kotori no Mori
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Tit Alley (A walking course where tits frequently sing)
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The soundscape of the forest in summer in 2013 was also characterized by the heavy singings of the cicadas, as usual summer.
According to a young ranger ot this forest, the soundscape of the day was relatively less noisy than usual, because robust cicadas ("Min-Min Zemi" in Japanese) did not sing so strong because weather is not so fine. In a hot sunny day in this year, robust cicadas sang so strong as usual year.
The ranger also said that almost no children came to fish crayfishes in the last summer, but few children accompanied by their parents came in this summer. According to him, those rare children seemed to live near the forest, so they were familiar with and therefore not surprised at the radiation level of the forest.
The monitoring post at the parking area showed 1.208 μSv/h. According to the ranger, the radiation levels in the mountain were generally 1.0 - 1.6 μSv/h.
On the day, the people I met there was two rangers of the forest and two workers who mow the grass in front of the forest.

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