Kotori no Mori (Forest for Birds): 26 May, 2012

Koji Nagahata

The entrance of the Kotori no Mori
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Tit Alley (A walking course where tits frequently sing)
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The desk under the wisteria trellis near the entrance of the forest, which I used to set the recorder, decayed, so I could not use it.
The birds seemed to sing as usual year. Also, I saw no one when I recorded these sounds. Although one year passes after the sever accidents on the nuclear power station, spring in Kotori no Mori is still "silent spring".
When I recorded the sound at Tit Alley, the sound of right wing (nationalist) parties' political campaign cars were heard. They broadcasted old army songs while they drove through main roads of the city. The distance from the recording point to the road nearest from the forest was about 1 km.
The dose meter at the parking area of the forest showed 1.656μSv/h. The dose level at this forest is still high.

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