Kotori no Mori (Forest for Birds): 5 August, 2011

Koji Nagahata

The entrance of the Kotori no Mori
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Tit Alley (A walking course where tits frequently sing)
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A hot spot (a spot at which radiation dose is quite high) was found at the graveyard at the same mountain. Therefore, a notice board which shows the hot spot information was located at a parking area for visitors of both kotori no mori and the graveyard.
Bottom weed was trimmed in the forest near the entrance of Kotori no Mori. You can hear the voice of workers and sounds of trimming machines in the recording at "the entrance of the Kotori no Mori."
Cicada sang so loud. I wanted to call this forest "the forest for Cicadas" instead of "forest for birds."
A ranger of this forest said that he did not find any affection of radiation for birds and insects. He also said that he never forgot the impact (for him) of the effect of the repair work of the Abukuma river after the flood damage several decades ago: after the repair work many kinds of birds had disappeared from the river and never came back.
When I talked the ranger and another staff of the forest, a boy visited to the forest. As soon as they found the boy, they said with very happy voice "What an unusal event! A boy visit to this forest!"

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