Iizaka Hot Spring: 3 August, 2011

Koji Nagahata

In front of "Sabako yu" at Iizaka Hot Spring
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When I recorded this soundscape in front of "Sabako yu", I heard women's conversation from inside the hot spring ceaselessly, however, I seldom heard men's vox. After I recorded this soundscape I took the hot spring bath. At that time, situation was not changed: I heard women's vox from off side of the wall constantly at the men's bath where men took bath silently. The usual soundscape at the Iizaka Hot Spring came back!
Four young people bought sono cones at a shop in opposition to the hot spring (right picture), and ate at a bench in front of the hot spring. Banging sounds (heard at the later part of the recording) were that of throwing out ices falling into a tray by a shopboy.
Cicadas sangs loud and loud. The sound in this page is very soft part extracted from the whole recording. (Otherwise it is too annoy to listen.)
Fortunately (at least for me), background music from loudspeakers near the hot springs was still stopped.
I went to the hot spring at the time when local people always come to take the bath. This hot spring is famous for the hotness of the water. In addition, local people never add the cool water even the hot water is very very hot, in my impression before the quake. However, the hot spring was not so hot this day. I love the hotness of this hot spring, so, I felt a litte bite disappointed.

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