Iizaka Hot Spring: 1 May, 2011

Koji Nagahata

In front of "Sabako yu" at Iizaka Hot Spring
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This hot spring is very famous for Basho's visit. (Basho is the famous Haiku poet.)
In Japan, most of women, even in case they meet first time, always enjoy talking with each other at a hot spring. On the other hand, men do not talk a lot with strangers in ordinary days.
However, in this day, men exchanged information related to the quake, but no conversation was heard from a women's section. (I don't know whether there were some women in the hot spring at that time.)
Regarding this, at the Great Hanshin Earthquake at 1995, many men also exchanged the information at the public bath.
Before the quake, background music was broadcasted from loudspeakers set up on the street. But at the day, the broadcasting was stopped.
After the quake, helicopters fly frequently over the city. When I recoreded this, a helicopter flew over.

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