Mt. Hanami: 16 April, 2014

Koji Nagahata

Trail at Mt. Hanami
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Mountaintop of Mt. Hanami
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The best season for viewing the flowers at the Mt. Hanami has come.
According to a volunteer guide of Mt. Hanami, although the number of visitors were much less than that before accidents of the nuclear power stations, the mountain was so crowded this day, considering that the day was a weekday. She also said that tourists begining of tourist season was later than usual year, therefore, she had felt anxious. But finaly, a lot of visitor came to this mountain on this week, and it is so happy for her.
A music heard in the recording "Trail at Mt. Hanami" was background music played at temporary food and snack corner at the bottom of the mountain.
At the parking area for buses, I found tour buses from Kanto area, Niigata prefecture, and Mie prefecture.

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