Mt. Hanami: 15 April, 2013

Koji Nagahata

Trail at Mt. Hanami
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Mountaintop of Mt. Hanami
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The best season for viewing the flowers at the Mt. Hanami has come.
Last year, this mountain was closed in order to cure vegetation. Therefore, it was first time after the disaster that a lot of visitors came to the mountain. At the parking area for the tour buses, there were many buses from Kanto area, Niigata, and etc.
When I walked to a mountaintop for recording, a visitor said "This mountain is the Mt. Hitomi!" (In Japanese, "Hanami" means "viewing floweres". In a similar way, "Hitomi" means "Viewing people"). However, according to a staff of a shuttle bus company, it was not so crowded compared to Sunday. He also said that there were clearly less visitors than those before the disaster.
Despite Mt. Hanami is located in Watari, i.e. one of the hottest spots in Fukushima city, I could not find monitoring posts while I walked around the mountain. I think monitoring posts sould be installed at such popular spot.

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