Fukushima University: 22 March, 2012

Koji Nagahata

The Central Sauare of the Fukushima University
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Decontamination work with "J Remover" and returfing a lawn at the area where a dose meter was set by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology were being done simultaneously.
According to Prof. Araya (vice president of Fukushima University) who happened to pass by when I prepared for recording, turfs were laid as a countermeasure for against the dose meter because it is troublesome if the dose meter shows a high value. Therefore, the university autiorities knew existence of hot spots at lawns, for example a lawn in front of the building of Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, but they never planned returfing exept the area near the dose meter. This is the Fukushima University's way of the decontamination.
When I recorded this sound, the dose meter shows 0.320 μSv/h (center picture).

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