Fukushima University: 11 November, 2011

Koji Nagahata

Fukushima University: Central Square
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At 11 November, just three month after the quake, an evacuation drill was done at Fukushima University.
The setting of the drill was "an accident is happened at a nuclear facility and radio active materials may be leaking from the facility." So, everyone at outdoor was required to evacuate to the nearest building, and also all the doors were requiered to close.
Pictures were taken before the drill (left picture), about 3 minutes after the start of the drill (second left picture), about 6 minutes after the start, (second right picture) and after the drill (right picture). As far as I saw, there were some people at the central square all the time at the drill. Perhaps therefore, calling "everyone should evacuate to the nearest buildings" obsessionally repeated from loudspeakers.
I wondered whether there are nuclear facilities so near from Fukushima University that we should evacuate to nearest building when an accidents would happen at the facilities. In my knowledge, the nearest nuclear facilities from the university are the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear plants, and it takes at least several hours for radioactive materials to fly to the university: the accidents of the nuclear plants shows that.

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