Station Square of the Fukushima Station: 10 February, 2018

Koji Nagahata

Station Square (The Big Straw Sandal was coming)
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Playing Kagura (Music and Dance for Shinto Gods)
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On the Shinobu-Sanzan Akatsuki Mairi Festival (Visiting Shinto shrine at Mt. Shinobu, at dawn), the big sandal dedicated to Haguro Shinto shrine (located at the top of Mt. Shinobu) was paraded around the city. The big sandal came to the Fukushima station square.
Two small sandals souldered by school children were paraded with the big sandal, like 2016.
At the square, Kagura (music and dance for Shinto Gods) was performed: Tengu (a long-nosed goblin) was dancing with the music, as usual year.
The number of viewers were around 150. Although I think those were a little bit less than that of the festival in 2012, many people came to view the parade.

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