logo: COVID-19 soundscape

Augusst 19, 2021: Sendai Station West Concourse (in front of the center gate)
On one day before the day when stronger measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus started in Sendai and all restaurants and bars in Sendai city could not sell alcoholic beverage, not so many people like June 1, 2021(the first day when restaurants and bars were requested to close 9:00 pm) passed through the main concourse of Sendai Station. (FYI: From August 17 to 19, restaurants and bars were requested to close 8:00 pm, but they could sell alcoholic beverage till 7:00 pm.) A few people were waiting for someone at the concourse.

August 19, 2021: Sendai Station East and West Free Pass
Not so many people passed through the East and West free pass, like May 31, too. About half of the benches on the pass were occupied.