logo: COVID-19 soundscape

August 7, 2020: Sendai Station West Concourse (in front of the center gate)
Even though Sendai Tanabata (Vega Festival) was cancelled because of the prevention of the infection of the COVID-19, there were so many people at the concourse of Sendai Station. Many people were wating for their friends or families at the concourse. The market event was totally closed since I went there at over 20 o'clock.

August 7, 2020: Sendai Station East and West Free Pass
There were so many people on the Free Pass, too. However, about only 80 % of benches were occupied.

August 7, 2020: Pedestrian deck of the Sendai Station
So many people passed through the pedestrian deck of the Sendai Station. Almost all benches on the deck were occupied: the weather was good to stay outdoors, so people might prefer to sit on the benches on the pedestrian deck rather than the East and West Free Pass.