logo: COVID-19 soundscape

April 4, 2020: Sendai Station East and West Freepass
This soundscape was recorded at a bench located near the east end of the Sendai Station East and West Freepass (a passway which connects East and West side of the Station). On the recording day, Miyagi prefectural governor and Mayer of Sendai city requested citezens to stay home. In this situation, S-PAL (the shopping center of the station) was temporary closed.

Comparing to the ordinary Saturday, less people were walking at the passway. Majority of the people passed through the passway at a quick pace.

April 4, 2020: Sendai Station West Concourse (in front of the center gate)
On ordinary Saturday, there are so many people, such as passengers, people who had come to meet or see off others and people who rendezvous. However, on this day, there were a few people, and the concourse was so quite.