logo: COVID-19 soundscape

August 19, 2021: Nakake-Cho(In front of Pachinko Salon)
On one day before the day when stronger measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus started in Sendai and all restaurants and bars in Sendai city could not sell alcoholic beverage, not so many people passed through the street. Compared to the number of people passed through, many people went in and out a pachinko salon in front of the recording point, and therefore, the noise from the pachinko salon heard frequently and clearly, when the automatic doors of the salon opened. Two staffs of Izakaya bars which ignored the requests for shortened hours of operation hold up respective bars' signboards, but they did not tout with loud voices.

August 19, 2021: Nakake-Cho (In front of Mihara-Do)
This soundscape was recorded at in front of the Mihara-Do in the second block of the central street from the station. The number of people around here was quite small. Occasionally, the noise from a pachinko salon located opposite side of the recording point were heard, when people went in or out the salon. An advertising broadcast of a drug store right next to McDonald's (which was difficult to be heard from the recording point in usual days) were heard pretty clearly.

August 19, 2021: CLIS road (in front of AEON shopping center)
This soundscape was recorded in front of AEON. A few people passed through the street around here. Few people went in and out AEON shopping center.

August 19, 2021: In front of Fujisaki Department store
A few people passed around Fujisaki Department store. Two staffs of Izakaya bar which ignored the requests for shortened hours of operation called to people walking the street, but no one responded them.