logo: COVID-19 soundscape

December 27, 2020: Nakake-Cho(In front of Pachinko Salon)
Amid the third rampancy of the COVID-19, so many people passed through in front of a pachinko salon at the Nakake street. The noise intruded from the pachinko salon were so loud as usual, but less people looked to go in and out the pachinko salon compared to passersby.

December 27, 2020: Nakake-Cho (In front of Mihara-Do)
This soundscape was recorded at in front of the Mihara-Do in the second block of the central street from the station. Many people passed through the site, too. The sound level of the background music played in a Pachinko salon was loud, as usual.

December 27, 2020: CLIS road (in front of AEON shopping center)
This soundscape was recorded in front of AEON. Also around here, a lot of people were walking through. Many of them went toward the Ichiban-Cho street (they maybe went to watch the illumination display event), but some of them went in and out to the AEON. In front of a CD shop next to the recording point, a Japanese pop song were broadcasted repeatedly as usual. A staff of an indian curry restaurant sold their supper boxes at the street.

December 27, 2020: In front of Fujisaki Department store
Many people passed around the Fujisaki Department store. Many of them went toward the Jozen-ji Street through Ichiban-Cho street, maybe to watch the illumination display event.