logo: COVID-19 soundscape

March 11, 2020: Station Square of Fukushima Station (14:43-14:47)
In recent years on March 11, a event called "candle night" was held at this square (20192018). The sound signal which told 14:46 (the time when the quake occurred) had been broadcasted via PA systems for the event.

However in 2020, the event was cancelled to prevent the infection of the COVID-19, therefore PA systems were not installed at the square. Thus, no sound signal was made to tell 14:46. Some passers-by watched their smart phones or watches, and prayed silently at the time.

March 11, 2020: Station Square of Fukushima Station(evening)
At the evening, the event, candle night, was cancelled, and not so many people were there. A sign board which announced the event was cancelled was moved out at 17:50.